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Below you will find some links that may be helpful for homework, test review, or other mathematical tasks.  Let me know if you find any helpful links and I will take an look at them.

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Algebra Bits Notebook This is a great resource that summarizes all the topics in CC Algebra 1. There are also practice questions to do for each topic.  
Regents Prep This is a great website to get ready for your Regents for any course not just Math. They have short little review lessons along with practice questions. They will even tell you if you are right or wrong on the practice. 
Graphing Calculator A great graphing calculator that you can use online for free.  
Common Core Videos  
Math Tutorials Videos on any math topic from Algebra to Calculus.  
Learn Zillion This website has a bunch of videos that are all Common Core aligned. Not just for math but for other subjects as well.  
Flashcards Website This is a website that alows me to set up a class that you can join and use the flashcards I have provided to study for your regents. Search for Fischer and Tully HS. 
Algebra Review App Great application for Apple products to review Algebra 1 topics.  
Math Videos A great website of math videos for various topics. The teacher in this video does a great job of explaining various topics step by step.  
Calculator Online You can choose between a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator. Or download an app to you phone or iPod. 
Khan Academy This website has tons of videos for math and many other subjects. If you had a hard time understanding some material this is a great resource to check out. 
Math Dictionary This is a great resource for vocabulary. There are lots of mathematics vocabulary from kindergarten up through high school. 
Showing 12 items